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Site Rules.

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Firstly, thank you to CCD ( for creating and sponsoring this forum for us as an addition to the online crossdresser community.

This is a forum and works totally different to CCD ( which is a fully functioning social network and dating site since 2009. This CrossDressing Forum is not designed nor can it replace CCD’s features or function.

Please do not try and use this site as a substitute to CCD.

Please adhere to these rules and help us make this a happy and fun forum.

1. Show respect to others.
2. Be kind to others.
3. Respect the Forum Rules. They are there for good reason.

1. Upload nudity. Please keep images clean and tasteful.
2. Be ruden to others. Let us all be lovely.
3. Mention of anything illegal. Keep your drugs to yourself. lol
4. Spam the forum.
5. Malign anyone.

Also.. please do not try and cheat our sponsors (CCD). They put a lot of effort into reviving this forum. No warning will be given.

..and please do remember. Keep your words sweet as one day you may have to eat them.