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Postby transkelli » Wed Sep 04, 2013 10:54 pm

Curious if anyone on here is using hormones? Its not something I am wanting to do but I like be educated on it.

The biggest thing is where would you even start? I know a doctor but what if you dont go that route? Could anyone just go into a GNC and buy estrogen pills?

Maybe that will start things off. I tried to research on the net but you can't even figure out what's accurate and what's not.

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Re: Hormones

Postby DebbieT » Thu Sep 05, 2013 8:06 am

The general advice given out by professionals is "Don't self medicate".

It can cause strokes, depression, erectile dysfunction, complete loss of libido, heart arrhythmia, breast cancer and death if not managed correctly.

The dosage depends on body weight, metabolism and life style. When properly managed with a professional endocrinologist they monitor you frequently at first until they find the correct dosage. It's either done through patches or pills, depending - it seems - on age.

Oestrogen (never did like the Americans dropping the 'O' as the big-E doesn't sound as good as the big-O) is generally coupled with an anti-androgen such as spirolactone or finestride. This keeps the pesky testosterone levels down while the oestrogen works. Progesterone is prescribed in certain cases to promote boob growth, but progesterone's a bugger for screwing with your head. Anti-androgen dosages depend on how testosterone fuelled you are!

A lot of people do self-medicate, because they don't want to visit the doctor. Usually because they'd like to be more girly, but can't/won't transition.

The positive side effects are a repositioning of body fat.

The obvious place is the boobs. However, fat is also laid down on hips and bum and in the small pockets under the eyebrows, to the outside of the eyes:

The eye lids, especially, make a male face more feminine, especially when coupled with eyebrow grooming.

Skin becomes much softer, wrists and ankles narrow and nipples change size, colour and sensitivity.

Muscle mass is destroyed, which narrows shoulders and makes you unable to carry as many groceries from the car to the house.

Until the regime is stabilised, you will cry far too easily. For example, bursting into tears because the Andrex puppy runs out of loo roll. Not to mention watching sad stuff about kids on the news. Grab the tissues girl.

Body hair reductions comes from the anti-androgens. This does not affect facial hair one whit. Sorry.

Some contraceptive pills contain a mix of Oestrogen and Anti-Androgen, for women who want contraception, but have a problem with unwanted body hair. These (to me anyway) look like Transition-in-a-pill. Getting the dosage right is very hard. It used to be fairly straightforward to pretend to be a woman to get these through the post, but recent legislation in the UK now forces all new contraception pills to only be prescribed online on presentation of proof of identity, a scanned in photo drivers licence, for instance. Sounds like more Nanny-state thinking there. A dab hand with Photoshop can get round this little problem...

There are unscrupulous websites on the internet that will sell real hormones to any one, but finding them amid those (even more unscrupulous ones) that will sell blue M&Ms for the price of Oestrogen will require finding somebody who's bought from one, and is willing to admit it. It is also far more expensive getting hormones this way.

I'm not a prissy prude who says "Don't self-medicate"; I know several who do, and who do so successfully. I also know one who's getting it wrong, but won't listen.

What I would say is seriously consider going the official route. As well as hormones, you get protection under law. If that REALLY isn't an option, then find a reliable unscrupulous website.

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Re: Hormones

Postby CarolineM » Thu Sep 05, 2013 1:44 pm

I honestly didn't know about the fat increasing around the eyes! Makes so much sense, now you say it. Trying not the spend too much time today comparing people's eyelids while walking about town :innocent:


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Re: Hormones

Postby BryanCooke » Mon Jan 16, 2017 4:37 am

I am not aware about this... Thanks.

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Re: Hormones

Postby Carla68 » Thu Jan 26, 2017 2:01 pm

So as I understand it to get better hips and look gorgeous you just swap your wifes contraception pill with blue smarties and hope she doesn't notice

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Re: Hormones

Postby Sara.G » Thu Jan 26, 2017 11:37 pm

Carla68 wrote:So as I understand it to get better hips and look gorgeous you just swap your wifes contraception pill with blue smarties and hope she doesn't notice

Depends if she likes smarties or not .... lol

Although I was quite surprised after Mrs G had her double oopherectomy last year to read on her HRT patches that prolonged contact could adversely affect males. Since I remarked on it, she has started sleeping with her bepatched bum pointing in my direction - methinks it is a ploy to get more of the bed!!!
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