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Crossdressing habits

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Crossdressing habits

Postby FemmeKelly » Fri Mar 04, 2011 11:00 pm

Ok... in response to admin's request made here........

What I love most about being able to dress in womens' clothing is freedom, feeling released, kinky satin and silk lingerie, tight fitting female clothing, long flowing hair and makeup make me feel feminine, I love to walk in tall heels, really high heels, thigh length boots in black shiney leather, tight shiney trousers on my bum making it wiggle, chunky jewellery and nail varnish.

I love transvestite meetings in UK and friendship sharing tips and photographs photos.

What do YOU love doing and wearing?

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Re: Crossdressing habits

Postby sissyashley » Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:19 am

Just sliding my pretty long legs into a pair of sexy sheer pantyhose and then slipping my feet in my cute 6 inch platform wedges enough to make a girl wiggle with pleasure and delight!!! Add on a very clingy and super tight and VERY VERY VERY short spandex minidress plus a sultry long blonde tousled wig and Ashley starts to cum to life.......giggles......And now for my makeup the best part, nothing like long luscious lashes to accent the eyes and sexy very provacative eyeliner to highlight things even further after painting my eyelids sensuous shades of pretty pink!!! Dusting my cheeks with luscious blush and finishing off with delicious erotic yummy hot pink lip glitter.........smells sooo hot........tastes soooo fem.......and oooooooooh soooo girly!!! There you go my sexy darling's Ashley is now complete and all fem and girly and SOOOO READY TO WIGGLE AND STRUT HER SEXY DARLING BODY FOR EVEYONE TOO SEE!!! xoxoxoxoxo Ash

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